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The story of Solomon islands – Power of subconscious mind

 The story of Solomon islands - Power of subconscious mind

Bruce Lipton and  The power of the subconscious mind

Have you ever seen a movie of Amir Khan which is "Taare Zameen Par"? There was a scene in this movie in which Aamir Khan tells the child's father about the Solomon Islands. The tribal’s on the island does not cut trees. They gather around the trees and curse the trees for several hours. Because of which, the trees dry and fall themselves after a few weeks.

How trees can die by simply being cursed?? - Bruce Lipton and The power of the subconscious mind

Many people from ours probably do not believe as how a tree can be fall by just cursing but this is true and authentic.

Many people gave their own views on this, but those views have become the most famous is that of Bruce Lipton. According to Bruce Lipton, this is not a miracle, but the infinite power of our mind - The power of the subconscious mind

There are 3 levels of our mind — conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind

Our subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than our conscious mind, and it decides many things in our life. Many times we try to change many of our bad habits but unable to change after a lot of effort. Because our habits so strongly programmed in our subconscious mind due to which our conscious mind and desire may not have any impact on it.

Take the example of your phone and laptop. Suppose you are listening to a song and want to change the song. This song will not change with your asking or desire unless you change it. Similarly, if we want to bring some changes in our life, then we have to uninstall all those negative and useless things from our subconscious mind and install positive beliefs in it.

According to the Bruce Lipton, the author of biology of belief, in the same way, when people of Solomon Islands curse the trees, they actually install negative and dangerous thoughts in the mind of trees (yes, trees do have minds too). Due to which the trees' molecular architecture deteriorate and the trees themselves fall. According to him, quantum physics also affirms this fact.

2500 years ago the same thing has been said by Mahatma Buddha that “we are what we think”

The same thing is also applicable to human beings. By repeatedly saying the same thing the structure of our mind keeps changing. The right or wrong direction of the human is decided by his mind. When we depreciate or discourage any person too much, in fact, we install negative thoughts in that person's mind.

Inadvertently Parents and teachers do more criticism of children So that the child tries to do harder work but the consequences found to be negative. Therefore, always encourage your children to do the right thing and instead of discouraging or criticizing them, gives them the right direction and utilize their energy in a productive way.

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