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How to Fix Recording Unavailable Google Meet ?

 There are a couple of reasons why recording might be unavailable in Google Meet, and the solution depends on your situation. Here are the common culprits:

  • Admin restrictions: Meeting recording might be disabled by the administrator of your Google Workspace account. They can enable it in the Google Admin console.

  • Meeting type: Recordings aren't possible for meetings created on conference room devices or through other processes like Chrome plugins. You need to schedule the meeting in your calendar or ensure a person starts ad-hoc meetings, not a device.

  • Joining method: Recording is only available on the computer version of Google Meet, not on the mobile app. Additionally, you can't record if you join solely to present, like joining a video conference from a laptop while already in a physical conference room.

Here are some common methods you can try to fix the recording unavailable issue on Google Meet:

Fix 1. Enable Recording in Google Meet
Before recording, turn on the recording feature for Google Meet by:

Step 1. Sign in to your Google Admin console using an administrator account.
Step 2. Make sure you have a Google Workspace edition that supports recording. Also, make sure the users who want to take a recording have Drive turned on and have permission to create new files in Drive.
Step 3. Go to Menu > Apps > Google Workspace > Google Meet.
Step 4. Click Meet video settings > Recording and check the Let people record their meetings box. Then, click Save.

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