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How To Fix Blurry Image in Blogger Website

Recently Blogger Platform has been changed the image link from to
Due to this many related posts of blogger website or thumbnails of main posts widget started showing some blur.
Step 1 :- First of all, upload your photos as usual.
At this step you do not press on Select but right-click on the image, then open the image in a new TAB.
Step 2 :- After opening image in new tab. copy the image address from address bar of your browser.
Step 3 :- After copying image address change the change the following. or ➡
h120 ➡ s16000
Step 4 :- After changing these things in image link. You already have a default image link that we still use so far.
Step 5 :- Now copy that image link and upload image by url.


When I open image in new tab. Image URL is looks like Below Url ➡

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