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Mention what is the difference between LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework?

                            LINQ to SQL                        Entity
  • It works only with SQL Server Database
  • To maintain the relation it generates a .dbml
  • It cannot generate database from model
  • It permits one to one mapping between the entity classes and relational views/tables
  • It enables you to query data using DataContext
  • It provides tightly coupled approach
  •  It works with various database like DB2, MYSQL, SQL Server etc.
  • It creates an .edmx files initially and relation is maintained using 3 different files .msl, .csdl and .ssdl
  • It can generate database from model
  • Between the entity classes and relational tables, it permits one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many
  • It enables you to query data using EntitySQL, DBContext, and ObjectContext
  • It provides loosely coupled approach

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